Space is for everybody

Products in any market are carefully tested to ensure they function in their intended environments. When it comes to products sent into orbit, it is quite similar. But how do you simulate an environment so different to that on earth? And where can you find the right knowledge and facilities?

These are only some of our customers’ challenges. After all, they are going to space.
We believe you are going there too.

Get ready for take-off

PASQ offers testing to demonstrate the quality of space designs. Our mission is to ensure that your products can operate safely in space.

We believe in teamwork, quality, and innovation. We work with the best testing facilities and partners. They share our standards and meet our challenging requirements on performance. We would like to follow you on your next adventure and share your success story.

We are keen to exceed your expectations.

About PASQ

Two decades in the space Industry

PASQ was founded 2018 in Space Cluster Kiruna as an incubate of ESA BIC Sweden and Arctic Business. The founders combine solid foundations in physics and 20+ years of experience from the space industry with perspectives from assurance within finance and IT.

We know that testing is more than what initially meets the eye. Testing involves knowing what standards to meet, how to meet them, having the operational capacity to do so, access to highly specialised facilities, etc. Ideally, it would be great to have independent verification of all the steps including test results.

If this is what you’re looking for you’ve come to the right place.

About PASQ

Space Environment Testing

PASQ offers independent space environment qualification, especially focused on radiation. Whether you are already active in the space segment or not, we are here to help you and your products to successfully operate in space.

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About PASQ

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We provide a multitude of offers and services. Contact us to discuss possibilities. We can always tailor a service package based on your needs.

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